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Marketing Solutions

We partner with a reputable internet marketing company who looks after many digital marketing aspects for our clients. They can also build apps, websites and other digital assets that are integrated with Applied IT's cloud and internet infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions

We have data centeres all over the world for redundancy. In the rare case there is Australian outage, we can quickly and easily route your services through one of our many worldwide data centers, ensuring your customers and employees never go offline.

IT Solutions

Get peace of mind over your IT worries, our expert technicians are proactive to monitor and upgrade your services and needs when they arise. We do this via remote monitoring and we maintain a timeline of events for each client so we know when you need some attention.

More About Our Company.

We are a small independant IT company which offers a range of IT services to help businesses of all sizes scale and reach their full potential. We have helped new businesses get off the ground, and established businesses reach new heights with the help of technological innovation and smart solutions to cater to their customers.

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We were very impressed with Applied IT's ability to deliver on their promises, they have been very proactive in their approach and have been able to recommend equal quality partners for us to work with in fields outside of their expertise. Thanks to Applied IT, our day to day business operations run smoothly and effeciently. Their services are truly without equal.

Marcello Nangot

General Manager - NextDigitex CA


A client came to us as they wanted to build an online eCommerce platform which sold kitchen appliances to the local Australian market. They imported the kitchen appliances from all over the world, from countries such as Germany, France, China and Taiwan.

There were many complicated solutions required, from PBX phone systems to low cost international phone calls. Their offices needed to be wired up with the latest NBN technology to ensure fast speeds.

On their website, we were able to partner with their web development company and offer our internet marketing seo services to them to advise on the more technical aspects of their website and to ensure good user flow and optimisation.

Everything came together in the space of 4 months with our team working around the clock to bring the project to light and they have been successfully operating ever since.


IT solutions for all business shapes and sizes. PBX, VOIP, Networking, online collaboration tools, Internet, Hardware, Laptops and Phones are just a few of the solutions we provide.

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